We stock Engine Lathes, and Hand Screws and Chuckers.

Engine Lathes

Nakamura-Tome  TW20 / FANUC 0T-B / 1989 / WITH TWIN TURRET 6 AXIS / LNS BAR FEEDER. CLEAN!! P.O.R.
Okuma LB-15,  Okuma OSP-5000 Control, Chip Conveyor,  Machine is from a university machine shop and very nice shape!  New 1986 $14,900
Nakamura-Tome Slant 2,  Fanuc 11TA Control B.R.O.
LNS Quick Load 3 1/8" Cap  $6,500
Harrison  M400, 3 Jaw chuck, Aloris Tool Post, Steady Rest, Gap Bed, Air 5C Collet Closer, Drill Chuck $5,500
Nardin Mascot 14-40 14" swing 40" on centers with gap swings 19.750" in gap, Spindle is cam-lockD1-5 hole in spindle is 1 5/8" speeds 31-2500rpm wired 220volt 3 phase tooling, 3 jaw chuck, center, drill chuck quick change tool post machine is clean and runs good, quiet head stock SN.  D2-JCN 113 $5,600

Hand Screws and Chuckers

Hardinge Chucker with Threading Attachment and Tooling  Ser# HC-2945-H $3,350
Hardinge DSMA 59 Form & Cut Off Slide, Turret Ser# 59-12241 $3,950
Hardinge compound Like new X-Y compound late model $ 1,250